The Wall Mounted Valet

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The wall mounted valet preserves all the finest features of our series of valet stands and provides new uses while saving space at home or in the office.

On this piece, which has become our calling card, you find a coat hanger sculpted from a single piece of Walnut hardwood accompanied by a bar for trousers and a place for small accessories like cuff links, tie clips and pins.

There is also a special place to hang your tie to put together the perfect outfit. 

The valet, with its timeless design of oiled wood and stainless steel hand polished to a mirror finish, will become a perfect accent for either traditional or contemporary interior design.

When creating this example of our collection we also took into consideration hospitality industry spaces such as hotel suites, luxury spas, lounge areas and gentleman's clubs.

The wall mounted valet is easy to install and is delivered in a quality velvet lined wooden crate, making it the perfect gift choice.

If you would like to select alternative materials, we are always ready to help. Contact us under our bespoke menu option.

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Height: 33cm (13")
Width: 43.5cm (17.1")
Depth: 22cm (9")