Side Book Table

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The hand-carved wooden side table textured with deep grooves might be used not only for your drink but as a temporary art book or laptop shelf for ready access in your living room or by your bed.

Made from thick slabs of walnut wood, this essential and practical piece of furniture combines ancient and modern culture.

The hand carved chisel tool marks are left on the surface as a texture for a tactile experience, enhancing the material and the value of the craft.

Find the perfect storage side table to use in living rooms, at the bedside, near the entryway, or wherever you could benefit from a little extra everyday organisation.

We offer several textures
(straight cross-grain gouge work/random cross-grain gouge work)
(oiled back walnut ebonized back walnut)
and sizes,
but feel free to contact us if you have other ideas in mind.

Every piece is individually marked with a progressive serial number.

Please be advised that this piece is for short-term art book storage, as thinner books might warp if held this way for long periods.

Please contact us for further information.

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Height: 64cm (25.19")
Width: 39cm (15.35")
Depth: 29cm (11.41")

Height: 64cm (25.19")
Width: 42cm (16.53")
Depth: 29cm (11.41")